Knowing You, Meeting Me

Pressing the Reset Button

on October 27, 2012
Everybody wanna be like You, they
Want power and praise like You, but
See, there is no God like our God
There’s no one like You
Who gave their life like You and
Who paid our price like You
See, there’s only one God that’s our God
There’s no one like You

“A God Like You” – Kirk Franklin

I’ve been listening to Kirk Franklin for a long time. I’m talking original Kirk Franklin and the Family album that came out on tape and everyone – myself included – learned to mime to it long time. He has long penned lyrics that have ended up being the anthem to my seasons. Whether I was listening to “Blessing in the Storm” or “He’ll Take the Pain Away”, there was a song for every hurt I endured and I was glad to have such powerful weapons in my worshipful musical arsenal. 
Lately, I’ve been going through some serious….for lack of a better way to say it, identity issues. I forgot who I am, who God called me to be and I started listening to the whispers of those around me with (logical) reasons why I was not enough of one thing or the other. In the middle of my wilderness I had reasoned that I was going to worship God anyway because He was going to eventually let me see the edge of where I was and into the Promised Land. Such a vantage point never came,so, I worshiped anyway because that is who I and what I do. I would feel better for a little while, but quickly I would get exasperated again with my surroundings and want God to rescue me from where I am.
I have to say this, though – I treasure the journey I am on because I know that there are lives I’ve touched because of the wilderness I’ve walked through. I know that the things I’ve learned and shared God has used and I am honored by that. I’m glad my bad can be used for your good. But, I have been getting to the point where I want some good to come so that can be used too!! As my mom used to say, I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.
*cue the reset button*

To play on an oldie but goodie Kirk Franklin song, He is the reason why I sing. Not His ability to change what I see or where I am. But, because there’s no God like our God. I hear this song almost every Sunday when I leave church. I kept meaning to ask who sings it because I absolutely love it. Today, we went to a Harvest Party at our AMAZING CHURCH and it finally occurred to me to ask our worship pastor. Kirk Franklin. Every “duh” I’ve ever said to anyone hit me all at once. I mean, c’mon. Who else would it be? So, I came home, promptly bought it and loaded it to my phone. A little further piece of info – before we left for church, I was almost in tears because I am – no – I was tired of being judged for the choices my husband and I have made for our family. 
You became just like me, to unlock and set free, this prisoner who was deeply wounded and redeemed. The me I could not see.

Oh, yeah. That’s why I’m a worshiper. Not because of what God can do for me, but, because of what He already did for me. I know my life doesn’t end here anymore than His blessings do. But, He is “Healer, Father, Savior. Counselor, Friend, Provider. Was, Is and Forever. That’s why I just want to be where You are. I’ll travel life with You no matter how far.”

My reset button. There truly is no God like our God. You might disagree with me. But, when I look at where I was 15, 10, 5 years ago…when I remember where I was this morning, I know THERE’S NO ONE LIKE YOU!! That is the one and only reason I will ever need to listen to the same song for two hours because my spirit so resonates with this. I am a worshiper. It is how I was created. It is who I am and have always been. That much is clear. But, when I remember the core of the reason I worship is because He is God, everything else falls into place. Everything else simply…


❤ Mo

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